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  • Stephen Keeler

    “Little London English school offers a Great opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience in China. The ability and age of the children can vary from class to class so you’ll soon become more adaptable and learn how to cater for the different needs that you’ll encounter. There is a strict ‘No Chinese, English Only’ in-class rule throughout the school so you will only need to speak English to the students. There will also be opportunities to develop your Chinese through classes at the school or through new friends you will meet here. Many of the locals don’t speak any English so it’s a Great place to immerse yourself in a new language as well as the unique blend of Chinese and Mongolian culture that Hohhot has to offer.”

  • Jack Flaherty

    “Teaching English at little London is great. Every time you walk into a classroom the students are always very happy to see a foreign teacher. They’re always very welcoming and asking many questions the best they can using their English skills. The experience I have teaching English in Hohhot has been Great. The classes are 40 minutes long and they’re very fun to teach. It involves teaching the basics of English whilst making it as fun as possible for the students taking part. In your spare time, there are many things to do here in Hohhot. Whether that be trying the local Chinese foods in restaurants which I highly recommend as the food here is really good and also cheap! There are many other things such as the local temples which are Great to go and see, in the day and at night when lit up. There’s also many places to do some shopping here with big shopping malls that you could spend days walking around. If you were to come out here I would be very happy to meet new teachers and help them along their way here, whether that be meeting for some friendly advice or whether that be showing you around Hohhot!”

  • Douglas Murch

    “I decided to take a gap year in between finishing school and starting at the University of Manchester where I’d be studying Chinese and Business & Management. I chose to take a gap year as I wanted to experience living and teaching in China. I found out about the Little London School after speaking to one of my school teachers who had worked for the school in Hohhot. I had never heard of Hohhot or Inner Mongolia but after researching the area and the Little London School I thought teaching there would be a new and exciting experience. It was very easy to organise moving out to China as the school were very helpful. I finished secondary school in London in July 2007 and arrived in Hohhot in the November. Upon arrival I met teachers and staff and was taken out for meals and felt at home very quickly. I was given a nice flat close to the other foreign teachers at Honder University which is linked to Little London. I had no teaching experience upon arrival, however I was given an intensive course in teaching, shadowing teachers and getting help in planning my lessons. It was a steep learning curve but I was soon enjoying teaching the very eager pupils whose ages ranged from 5 – 16. I spent 7 months in total in Hohhot and had the opportunity to experience a part of China very few westerners are even aware of. Although at first it was a very big culture shock I soon felt at home and this had a lot to do with the fantastic community of teachers I worked with. The school regularly took us out for meals for birthdays, Christmas, Chinese New Year etc. I also went to 4 weddings in the 7 months I was there which was great fun! My time teaching in China was a fanatic life experience that has really helped me progress and develop. Going to University was an easy switch after my gap eat in China. I now work in finance in London and have very fond memories of my time with all the fantastic staff at the Little London School.”

  • Aaron Gordan

    “Teaching English at Little London was incredibly beneficial for my personal development and the beginning of my career in the creative industries. The challenge of working alongside a wide age range of students with a varying level of English encouraged me to try new teaching styles and expand my interpersonal skills. The team at Little London are very supportive and encouraging, always on hand to show new teachers around the city and act as a guide to Hohhot, as they begin their exciting life in Inner Mongolia. Coming from a wide range of English speaking backgrounds, it is very easy to meet new, interesting people and cultures whilst always having a sense of home close at hand. Since teaching at Little London I have constantly found myself using skills developed during my time there, from public speaking, project management, organising and activity planning to even using my basic grasp of Mandarin. I would encourage anyone thinking of taking a position to do so, and immerse yourself fully in the wild and exciting culture than can only be found in Inner Mongolia.”