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Teach English as a foreign language at Little London English School on a 25 hour graduate contract working evenings and weekends earning 5-7000rmb with free living accommodation.


Teach English as a foreign language at Little London English School. You will be given a 25 hour contract working one or two weekday evenings and during the daytime on the weekends, earning between 5-7000rmb (optional paid overtime also available) with FREE fully furnished living accommodation (including free water, electricity, gas and WiFi) so what you earn you keep for your food, leisure and travel purposes and if you consider a fully qualified Chinese teacher earns about 3,500rmb and lives comfortably on this amount of money per month then there could be opportunities for you to save some of your wages too as the price of living in Hohhot is very appealing compared to some other more expensive cities in China. All successful applicants will be given an online interview so you can get to know your future employers better before you fly out to China and our founder Robbie will also be available to speak with you over the telephone to answer any of your questions. Unlike some other companies we will issue you with a work visa or a student visa depending on you qualifications. We are a family business and see all of our teachers as part of our family. You get 3 days off per week to discover & explore China. You will get 2 weeks fully paid holiday during the Summer and 2 weeks fully paid holiday during the Chinese New Year too. When you arrive you will get 1 weeks intensive training from one of our experienced teachers (from our large community of around 100 foreign teachers) and every week you will get 4 additional hours training within our foreign teachers community. We also realize that it can take time to find your feet in a new teaching environment so you will get the opportunity to shadow a more experienced teacher until you are ready to lead the class yourself. Furthermore while leading your class you will always have a Chinese teacher assisting you with your students. From our Chinese teachers you will also get 5 hours of free Mandarin lessons per week. Please take a look at our FAQs section and Company section for any questions you might have for our founder Robbie who spent 14 years as a teacher in China.