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Honder’s campus lies north of the Airport Road in Hohhot. It occupies an area of more than 500 mu, of which the building-covered area is 192,000 m².


Bruce Zhou Zhou Yushu, male, born on 3 rd of March 1964. Graduated from Beijing Normal University with MA in Higher Education Management. Worked for Inner Mongolia Normal University since 1985. Became Dean of Inner Mongolia Vocational Institute of Economy, Trade and Foreign Languages in 1993. Awarded Ten Outstanding Young Person of Inner Mongolia in 1998. In the same year established Honder International School in Hohhot. In 2001, Bruce established Little London English School. In 2006, started the preparation of Honder College. In 2008 Honder College of Inner Mongolia Normal University was awarded independent college by Educational department, Bruce has been the Dean since. In 2016, Bruce founded Little London Football. In 2000, Bruce was elected in the Ninth National Youth Committee and was received a cordially welcome from the State Leaders such as Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao. Meanwhile, Bruce was the member of the Eighth Chinese People’s Political Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, vice President of Inner Mongolia Youth Federation, Vice Chairman of The Chinese Association for Non-government Higher Education, member of the council of Inner Mongolia Association for Non-government Higher Education. Bruce published many books and papers such as 'The Education History of Inner Mongolia', ‘Dictionary of School Management', Introduction to Learning Methods'. Bruce also often gives lectures in Success Science, Management and Education.


Honder College of Inner Mongolia Normal University is a four-year independent college accredited by China’s Ministry of Education (Circular of Ministry of Education [2008] No. 149). On completing all the credit requirements, students will be conferred upon the Graduation Certificate of Honder College, IMNU, printed uniformly by the Ministry of Education and acknowledged by the national government. A Diploma of Bachelor’s Degree of Honder College, IMNU will be conferred upon students who meet the college’s requirements for the bachelor’s degree. Honder’s campus lies north of the Airport Road in Hohhot. It occupies an area of more than 500 mu, of which the building-covered area is 192,000 m². Located just next to the newly built Eastern Railway Station, Honder is the institution of higher education closest to the City Hall and the Government Building of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. There are well-designed classroom buildings, dormitories, dining halls, sports grounds and a recreation center. There are also many computer labs, multimedia classrooms, a dance studio and a piano-practicing room. The college has also established several hands-on training centers both on and off campus. The college has a library with than 500,000 copies of books, and employed over 30 foreign teachers from countries such as the USA, UK, Ireland and France, etc., which makes Honder the institution that boasts the largest group of foreign employees in Inner Mongolia.


A conducive learning environment is not just helpful to your Chinese studies, it’s essential. With very few English-speaking locals, Inner Mongolia provides a perfect Chinese language learning environment. In addition, Little London International and Honder University have carefully designed your core curriculum, extra-curricular activities, living arrangements, and travel excursions to always ensure a high level of Chinese immersion. Under the careful guidance of your one-on-one language instructors, daily learning objectives will be pursued and, once achieved, validated through an organized system of assessment. Day to day objectives may include learning new vocabulary words, grammar points, radical sets, word pronunciations, idiomatic expressions, social etiquette, and so on. Study Mandarin at Honder students are given a formal Chinese language assessment once per month, and daily informal assessments in the form of homework assignments, in-class questions and games, and organic real-life interactions throughout the city of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Many of the locals don't speak any English so it's a Great place to immerse yourself in a new language as well as the unique blend of Chinese and Mongolian culture that Hohhot has to offer.