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Find answers to the most common questions our teachers have.

    • Will I need a need a visa?

      Yes, and our application team can help you get a student or work visa.

    • Will I need travel insurance?

      Yes, we can help you get local travel insurance but highly recommend you get your own travel insurance too.

    • Will I need a need a CRB/DBS Check?

      Yes, you will need a Basic DBS Check.

    • How much is my living accommodation going to cost?

      Students get FREE accommodation included in their 1 year study package and graduates get FREE accommodation as part of their work package.

    • What is the living accommodation?

      Accommodation is an apartment for 2 people of the same sex to share or you can request to live as a couple.

    • When are the English classes that I will teach?

      The majority of classes are on Saturday and Sunday, 40 minutes per class with up to 9 classes per day with a 2 hour lunch break.

    • Why should I choose to study at Honder and work at Little London English School?

      We are a family run business with every teacher seen as part of our family. We don’t know of any other family run business in China were you can study Mandarin through the week at a good college/university and get guaranteed paid work on a weekend teaching English as a foreign language and get FREE living accommodation.

    • Why should I chose to study and work in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia as opposed to some of the other more well known cities in China?

      We provide FREE accommodation and living expenses are cheaper than some of the more well known cities. See our case studies section and social media channels for Hohhot and Inner Mongolia inspiration.

    • Will I need a TEFL Qualification?

      Yes, you will and you can do them online and we can help you with some classroom training when you get to Hohhot.

    • According to some of the job adverts online why do teachers in Beijing seem to get paid a lot more than they do in Hohhot?

      Our feedback suggests that a large portion of teachers wages in Beijing goes on their living accommodation and their living expenses. Our teachers in Hohhot get FREE living accommodation and living expenses are cheaper than in Beijing so a UK style analogy we have used is to imagine living and working and renting an apartment in London (you’ll need more money) then imagine having FREE accommodation in a northern city like Liverpool or Manchester for example (you’ll need less money).

    • Do I have to be a UK University Graduate work with Little London International?

      We want our opportunities to be accessible for UK University Graduates and and non-graduates so email us your CV to see the best way for us to work together.